Understanding why Jesus didn’t say anything about abortion

Pregnant lady near stained glass

In ancient Rome, during the time of Jesus, abortion was not only common but widely accepted.  There were, of course, opponents to abortion including both Christians and non-Christians.  Since abortion has been in practice dating back even to the Old Testament, we can’t say that it wasn’t relevant during the times when scripture was written.  What then do we make of what the Bible says?

The dividing line
People generally find themselves on either side of this topic.  Terms have been popularized by both sides to support their stance.  These terms include “pro-family”, “pro-life” and “pro-choice”.  Since not a single one of these is accurate, I’ll omit them from this article.  What you’ll find as you talk to people on either side is that the differentiating factor is the answer to the question, “when does life start?”.  For the sake of this article we’re going to assume that you believe life starts at conception.  There are scriptures used by both sides to support their views but we’ll stick with the aforementioned assumption.  Because of that we find ourselves opposed to abortion.

The source of truth
Let’s look to scripture to see what it has to say about abortion.  Psalm 139:13-16 is often used by those who oppose abortion and it says, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body.  All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.”  This verse is extrapolated to support the belief that life starts at conception by saying God knew you before you were formed in the womb.

On the contrary, proponents of abortion use Exodus 21:22-23 which says, “And if men struggle with each other and strike a woman with child so that she has a miscarriage, yet there is no further injury, he shall surely be fined as the woman’s husband may demand of him; and he shall pay as the judges decide.”  Since the penalty for murder is death and this verse mentions a mere fine for an abortion, this is used to say that God views an unborn child differently than He views a born child.

Though there aren’t many verses which speak specifically about abortion, it is clear that abortion is a sin.  Which is really all that matters for the rest of this article.  Since we made a compelling enough case that abortion is a sin we can move on to talk about why Jesus didn’t have much to say on the topic.

What did Jesus say? (WDJS?)
In short, nothing.  Nothing specific anyway.  Why is that?  Is it because abortion was not an issue at the time?  No.  Is it because Jesus doesn’t value life (which starts at conception)?  No.  I never really thought about this question enough to really find out why Jesus doesn’t talk about something which seems like a cornerstone issue.  Jesus did, after all, have a lot to say about the poor and the lost.

Of all the missions people have had throughout the course of history, Jesus’ was by far the most important.  He didn’t have much time while he was here but in that time He gave us the perfect example of godliness and righteousness.  He spent a great deal of His time in relationships with people as well as teaching those who followed him (especially the disciples).  In his teachings were specific instructions on how we ought to live.  These instructions included what we ought to be passionate about, what we ought to do with our time, and how we ought to treat others.

Just because Jesus didn’t say much regarding a topic doesn’t mean it’s not important.  However, He does seem to draw a line to separate the things which are important from the only thing which matters.  Jesus’ message was that we accept Him as our personal Lord and Savior, and that we tell others about Him.  Knowing that, can we understand why Jesus didn’t say anything about abortion?  Yes, if we don’t try to overcomplicate the gospel.

What about abortion?
This is where I draw a conclusion.  Before I do that I would like to give some context as it relates to my personal views on abortion.  I’ve always felt that abortion is wrong.  I’ve even been quoted as saying it’s one of the most important topics as it pertains to Christians.  I’ve even voted for presidential candidates based on their views regarding abortion.

This was all before I began to question my own beliefs.  In doing so I came to have a much better understanding of God’s desired relationship with us.  I have also, however, come to have a very confused understanding of the church here in the US.  I use the term church since it represents the body of believers.  The church can be wrong.  In fact, history shows that the church has made many mistakes.  But that’s okay, it’s what Jesus died for — our screw ups.  Christianity, however, cannot ever be wrong since it’s rooted in the truth.  It’s a shame that the church is often viewed as a representation of Christianity…we suck at that.

Oh yea, my conclusion.  It became very clear to me that Jesus was so passionate about saving souls that there were lots of sins which he did not spend a lot of time on.  In fact, the sins He did spend a lot of time speaking about were the sins which could get in the way of someone coming to have a relationship with Him.  Shouldn’t we then also be so passionate about telling others about Jesus that the minor details don’t consume us or our faith?  Of course!

Don’t get me wrong, abortion sucks.  But Jesus would have been more concerned about the mother, father, doctor and anyone else involved than the baby itself.  Why?  Perhaps because the baby received salvation.  I don’t know, but maybe it’s also not for me to figure out.  It’s my human nature and my emotion which causes me to have such passion against abortion.  It’s not my faith, nor should it be yours.

We can all learn a thing or two from Jesus.



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  1. charcoalmoon

    Thanks for discussing this. I am not a Bible scholar, but it had occurred to me a while ago that Jesus must not have said anything about abortion because no one quotes him on it.

    I wonder about Christians who vote straight pro-life tickets, but they don’t consider war (especially the elective war with Iraq), the death penalty, helping the poor/sick/hungry. Jesus has said to turn the other cheek to enemies — so how could war ever be justified? Especially a war like the Iraq war, where the U.S. was not provoked. So many pro-life Christians on the GOP side complain about welfare, but wouldn’t Jesus be in favor of a welfare type of system, where the poor and hungry were given a break on food and shelter?

  2. author

    You know…I’m not a biblical scholar either. But I don’t think you have to be in order to have a firm grasp of God’s desires for us. It’s comical to think that Jesus considered literacy as a prerequisite to come to know Him personally. I think back to Jesus’ day when it was the scholars who were misled. Don’t get me wrong, biblical study is great and digging into scripture is one of many great ways to know God more.

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Regarding war there’s “just war theory” which is used to support some wars. Unfortunately, I think “just war” has grown in scope to include wars which I can’t understand as being just.

    Like you said, Jesus spent so much of His time with the poor and oppressed…that has to mean something.

  3. LC

    The writer made a very good point by saying we should focus on our relationship with Jesus. And if we did have a close relationship with Jesus, our hearts, minds, bodies and souls would be so aligned with love, compassion, generosity, service, and sacrifice, that we would never even consider abortion as an option; we would welcome with love, joy, and faith an innocent child no matter what the circumstance. That is the strength of the power and openness of Jesus’ love for humankind. The writer attributes his/her personal view on abortion to human emotion and passion; and that may the case for many others as well. But in a relationship with Jesus the decision would be based in love. Therefore, it very much would be connected to our faith in Him. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Jack

    Thanks for a commentary from the “anti” side of the issue that expresses the merits of your position with humility. I find so often that those that claim to “speak” for Jesus are simply using Him to further their opinions and justify the imposition of them on the rest of us. Mostly, I’m on the “choice” side because I simply can’t imagine speaking for God when there is so little direction commanding me to do so. There’s is only abstract references to abortion and frankly, I think that if God wants to get a message about abortion across, He can get the job done. I also find it implorable to imagine that I myself would have to speak for God because He can’t. Guess what I’m really saying is thanks for demonstrating a degree of “humble” regarding God. We really are NOT His equal and we really don’t know His mind better than He does. So, from across the chasm, thank you.

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  6. Scott Huard

    But most fortunate of all are those who are not yet born. For they have not seen all the evil that is done under the sun. (New living translation)

    Jesus didn’t say anything. During that time female babies were dropped on a hill outside of Jerusalem because they were unwanted. Out of 100 women getting pregnant, 25% will spontaneously abort, this makes god the biggest abortion provider. It is NOT clear that abortion is a sin, what is clear is that if two men are fighting and one of them knocks down a woman and she aborts, there is a FINE. Not a punishment for a sin. Its an infraction. Ecclesiastes 6 Better is a stillborn child.

  7. The error in your argument is in the fact that you do not recognize the fact that life does not begin at conception. Life can be assumed at conception but it cannot be proved to exist at conception. In fact most (70%) zygotes die shortly after conception and many that die do so due to genetic flaws. Because of the genetic flaws it is impossible to tell if the life that remains after the first 70 percent of conceptions die is in fact human. If a life cannot live as a human, then it is not a human life. What we know about conception leaves one with the fact that it is impossible to tell at conception if the zygote is human or alive.
    But that is not the worst part of your assumption that it is life at conception. That assumption leads you to cause the death of born people in an attempt to save fetuses that may or may not be alive. Please stop misleading people into believing that it is life at conception, it is a deadly and false assumption.

  8. Rachelle

    A beating heart and brain waves, don’t prove that the being is alive? Even if you can’t accept that it is human, you cannot debate that it is alive. By the time a woman knows she is pregnant their is a beating heart and by the time most abortions are performed there are brain waves. The cell divides within hours, there is just no debate about weather it is alive or not. You might not see it as human, and you might not see it as valuable as the Lord proclaims, but no one can debate that it is alive. Non-living things do not reproduce, consume energy, excrete, and exchange gases; these things all happen immediately. Do some never implant, do some die on their own, yes but that does not change whether they are alive or not. There is just no arguing that it is not alive. It moves, it uses energy, it reproduces, within hours of fertilization. That is alive, even if you disagree, it is scientifically the definition of a living organism. Zygotes in a petri dish will die if not properly handled, something can’t die if it isn’t first alive. Now if you want to debate if it is human, we can start with the fact that it contains all the DNA of a human, a beating heart of human (within days), and brainwaves of a human (within a few weeks). But I am not even addressing that, I am addressing that scientifically there is no assumption about it being alive, there is actual proof that those cells are alive from the moment of conception forward. Now, you tell me how on earth knowing that the baby is alive causes the death of born people. If you are talking about someone threatening the life of someone who doesn’t have an abortion, then the perpetrator is the one causing death. If you are talking about someone having to give up on certain plans, giving birth doesn’t require that, plus they knew the risks when choosing to have sex, and that isn’t death it is change.

  9. jennyr51

    Great thoughts on the subject. I feel very much the same way. I see Christians get so wrapped up in “standing for what’s right”, that all sense of purpose is lost. The heart behind the stance is right, but eventually the issue becomes the driving force behind decisions, instead of Christ. We are called to be disciples, not worry about the politics behind every sin people commit. If we can show people love and acceptance, despite the sin, God can change them. When God starts changing people’s hearts and minds we will find we have a lot less fighting for our cause to do, because God will have done it for us.

  10. Scott Huard

    I don’t want someone elses religious views and opinions forced on me and my friends because of their ‘belief’ by creating laws that ALL of us will have to obey. Frankly this whole issue is why CHURCH and STATE must remain separate. Here’s a phrase for you women out there. IT’S YOUR BODY. I as a man do not have power over you…And I don’t want that power either….
    If you’re against abortion, DON’T HAVE ONE. If your against gays marrying, don’t marry someone of the same sex, (marriage licenses were created to keep blacks and whites from marrying, and to collect another ‘tax’) We are trying to legislate personal moral choices, not public issues. If you REALLY hate abortion. PROVIDE BIRTH CONTROL. ITS MUCH CHEAPER TO PREVENT, THAN ABORT…. THINK about it…

  11. God creates life not humans. The formation of a fetus is not a human act but a supernatural spiritual act. Birth is a miracle. Just like our bodily organs function. Our organs function not because of our active will but by the will of the indwelling Holy Spirit. Back to the fetus, humans do not form the developement of the fetus it is formed by God. The Lord said, ” Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I consecrated you.” If we apply birth as an act of God the debate is over

  12. Scott Huard

    OK…so now you just said that the holy spirit also makes animals (aside from humans), and god indwells animals as well…So when a lion/tiger/bear eats a human, its under the direct control of gawd…..right….Isaiah 45:7 god said he creates EVIL. …So birth is an act of god just like tornados and earthquakes and volcanos….You should stop taking antibiotics and going to the doctor…just pray over everything…oh and don’t forget the oil and wine….yer gonna need that…LOTS AND LOTS OF WINE….

  13. Scott Huard

    Oh and lets not forget that the Catholic church says that you can’t use birth control, you have to have kids regardless if you can feed them oh and if they starve to death…’its gods will’….I CALL BULLSHIT….

  14. Fleetwood_Captain

    What some do not know is that in Jewish law, there already were rules about abortion in the time of Christ. My thoughts are that these existing laws may be the reason why Christ didn’t say (or didn’t have to say) anything about abortion.

    The general idea of the Jewish Law on Abortion is that a Fetus is considered separate from the Mother and is technically not an actual person until birth. So in the event that a pregnancy could kill the mother, the life of the Mother is of greater importance than the Fetus. In some interpretations, abortion is actually MANDATORY when it is needed to save the mother’s life. Other permissible situations also exist, dependent on which form of Jewish law one follows.

    This adds an interesting twist to the abortion debate, as abortion could be interpreted as a right under the Freedom of Religion in the first amendment.

  15. sarah

    I don’t believe that you successfully established abortion as a sin per the bible. You quoted the bible which says nothing on it and then claimed that as a fact. There isn’t a method by which to force it in. The bible doesn’t mention abortion, period.

    It is fair to say that Jesus valued life highly. The problem is that there is nothing to establish that Jesus himself would have seen a fetus as a living person. It is fine to be pro life, but you can’t claim that Jesus backs you up. He simply doesn’t back either side in this argument. So it is a bit arrogant to claim divine support for your side.

    The 2 things the bible was silent on are contraception (except a vague reference to a man who pulled out when raping his dead brother’s wife. Excuse me if I decide not to listen to that specific passage) and abortion. Yet for so many Christians these are the pivotal issues of their faith. Jesus went on and on about helping the poor, nearly constantly, yet you hear a lot from the political arm of the religious right about pulling back social services and banning abortion. I know that isn’t how all Christians feel, but I am curious how Christian political leadership gets away with being so counter to the life of Christ.

    btw, when discussing the bible and life, please remember that the bible (esp. the first testament) is CHOCK FULL of god approved death and rape. Literally, could almost be the main themes. It is really difficult to see the bible being about life when old testament god’s favorite pastime seemed to be rape and mass slaughter.

  16. sarah

    Don White – if I am not Christian the debate is not over. Separation of church and state and religious freedom please.

    I may disagree, but I can understand why people are pro-life. It is an extremely complicated issue and deserves complicated, thoughtful discussion. You can argue that you simply believe that a fetus is a life and we therefore shouldn’t end it. That’s fine – please feel free to argue from that stand-point. Stating that you are speaking for god and then forcing your religious interpretation of morality on others is unacceptable, however. How are we supposed to respond to something that is based purely on a religious belief and not on harm to society, individuals, etc.? (once again, feel free to argue from that standpoint) “Flim Flam, the god of coffee, disagrees with your god as per the Book of Flim”? Seriously. It is not possible to thoughtfully discuss something when one side claims divine knowledge, which even if there is a god, no one has. Please be religious, but don’t claim your religion as the basis of where law should come from.

    If I can simply point to the bible to back up any law, rape and slavery are both a-ok. Also, getting a haircut is forbidden. And that’s just the tip of the ice-burg. God is fine with and even rewards men who throw their daughters out to a crowd to be raped to death (this happens TWICE in the bible). Shall I go on?

  17. Paul Jenninings

    No matter what any body says, you can call me narrow minded if you like. Abortion is murder of the innocent. appox 187,000 abortions in Britain every year. I thought child sacrifice vanished in the middle ages, There are many out there who would love to adopt a child who cannot have children. Why would anyone want to murder a child?

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  19. Satan is laughing at the misunderstanding many have about God’s plan.

    Scripture is clear that God know’s us before we are born. Does this mean therefore that an aborted fetus loses out in God’s plan?
    By no means. Because such an idea is contradictory to scripture.

    Is abortion a sin? If it is, then as sin it is an issue between woman and God.

    Is a pro-abortion/anti-abortion stance a sin? If the individual engages in physical, psychological, emotional warfare to persuade then a sin is being committed. Because these individuals are not expressing the true form of Christ’s love. He did not come to condemn the living.

    Is abortion a first line answer? By no means. However, it is a decision that must be left to the woman and not to 3rd parties to dictate the pregnancy.

    Christ died for everyone, unborn and born alike. Therefore God’s plan has already taken into consideration the countless dead whether they drew a breath of air or not.

  20. Abortion is a touchy subject. The reason it was considered OK during the time of Christ and why he really didn’t say any thing about it was those were hard times back then. Not only were there no jobs unless you were born into them. But you were taxed for everything. Even begging! Times were hard and you had to look out for yourself unless you had a trade or a rich benefactor.

  21. Rachelle

    Sarah, I hate to go so far off topic, but your said “The 2 things the bible was silent on are contraception (except a vague reference to a man who pulled out when raping his dead brother’s wife. Excuse me if I decide not to listen to that specific passage) and abortion.” That man was not raping his dead brother’s wife, she wanted to have sex with him. Even to the point that when his younger brother never came back to marry her, she tricked her father-in-law into having sex with her. That is not rape. There is no where in the passage that indicates she does not want to be married and get pregnant, this is all she wants. Having sex, even sex you don’t really desire, to gain something isn’t rape it is prostitution. Which is basically what she gets away with, in her sneaky plan. Please don’t use the Bible to fight an argument, when a) you don’t want the other side to do that and b) you don’t know or understand the Bible. I commented here several years ago about the the fetus being alive, that has nothing to do with the Bible just science. Scientifically speaking the organism is alive, and its DNA is human. So it comes down to when is it okay to kill a human? Regardless of religious beliefs, we all have opinions on that self-defense, death penalty, and abortion. Do we say no killing people across the board? Or do we determine whether to kill someone based on their guilt and innocence? Morally and logically speaking, in both cases the child would not be killed. Do you want to argue that the child is violating the rights of another person and is therefore guilty? Well then I can argue that the one who created that child is the guilty one? The way I see it morally you can’t kill the child, I don’t want to force my morals on someone else so I will look at it logically. Logically, if I think it is wrong to kill humans, I can’t kill the baby. If logically, I go by guilt and innocence I can’t kill the baby because it is innocent on all counts.

  22. If I might point something out… Jesus was preaching to the Jews, not the Romans. He was picking the Jews up by the scruff of the neck, not the Romans. And the Bible, as well as many other laws both ancient and modern, flatly condemns those who cause the deaths of unborn children. Perhaps there simply was no need for him to comment to the Jews about it? Or perhaps it’s simply something that was left unrecorded, as the Bible itself says that the world itself would not hold all the books that were written if *everything* he said and did were recorded. Considering where his mission was focused, and considering how much of his ministry we lack, and considering the Jewish laws… I don’t find it at all contradictory. Indeed, did not the unborn John the Baptist leap in his mother’s womb at the approach of Mary, who was carrying the unborn Savior of the World?

  23. Scott Huard

    Matthew 5:17 Jesus said: I didn’t come to abolish the law…which means: ALL the old testament…is still in effect TODAY….how much do you want for your daughter?…Can I keep a Canadian for a slave? I hear they’re good at it….my neighbor works on the Sabbath…can I kill him…or should I call the police?

  24. I believe the full verse reads, “Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.” So, in-context, the purpose of the Law of Moses is fulfilled, and Christ introduced a higher law to be followed.

  25. Scott Huard

    Yeah, the law that says we can kill anyone who is not us…slavery is still allowed in the new testament…you know…The american constitution was AMENDED so we CAN’T own slaves anymore….

    Matthew 10:34-37….I didn’t come to bring peace…BUT A SWORD!!! God likes us killing each other…

    According to xian thought…God, Jesus and the Holy ghost are ONE GOD…united and seeing/speaking/hearing each other…omnipresent:Seeing everything…

    OK…bear with me here…try to do some DEEPER thinking…

    Exodus///God: I hate Pharaoh , Imma gonna kill all the firstborn CHILDREN!!!

    Jesus: let’s sing a new song…ready and GO: Jesus kills the little chilllldrennnn…all the children of the worrrrrld….be they yellow black or white…they’re cannon fodder in his sight….Jesus kills the little children of the worrrrrllld…..

    You’re god loves to kill children…just to make a point…

  26. Scott Huard

    Here’s ANOTHER passage from your ‘good book’…

    Your bible has a prescription to MAKE A WOMAN HAVE AN ABORTION….

    Face it dude…against science and archaeology and virtually ANY amount of HONEST critical thinking…your book is just a bunch of made up stories designed to manipulate WILLFULLY ignorant people who are too damn lazy to actually THINK for themselves….they call you sheep…because you’re easy to frighten, easy to lead into ANY stupid thinking, easy to fleece…and even easier to slaughter….keep that in mind…you are in a GROUP-THINK-CHURCH….

  27. As you clearly have only hostile intentions, it would, of course, be fruitless to engage with you. I shall simply say this: my religion is a choice I made because of my own, independent experiences, my own thoughts and questions, my own effort to find anwers, my own relationship with God. From my perspective, it is you who are easily scared, you who are easily deceived, you who are marching in lock-step with others like a mindless, group-thinking drone. So I hope, very much, that you can find answers as I did, and be happier for it.

  28. Scott Huard

    Some more things folks…I’m NOT hostile…just pointing out that your bible has HORRID contradictions in it…Exodus 20: Don’t make images…Exodus 21: Make an image of a Cherubim….waitaminute…didn’t you just tell me to NOT make an image one page back???

    I’m an ex-associate-pastor of a baptist church…17 years there…I’m just pointing out the stuff you’re over looking…

    Seriously…let’s go have a beer and enjoy life…THIS is the only one you’ll get…

    Dinosaurs to you!!!

    Laugh you fool…we all die…

  29. Rachelle

    Seriously, Scott? You were an associate Pastor, and you don’t know the difference between a graven image and The Ark of the Covenant? We are never told we can’t make an image, we are told not to make a graven image. An idolized image. In other words don’t worship or idolize anything other than God. The Israelites did not worship the The Ark of the Covenant, nor was it built to be worshiped. If you had kids, you might tell them “never drive the car alone with just a permit,” in one breath. Then walk outside with the kid, hand him/her the keys, and say “let’s go for a drive, you drive.” Yes, those are two different events and when you say, “let’s go for a drive,” doesn’t mean that you are contradicting 10 minutes ago when you said, “don’t drive the car alone.” That is all pretty straight forward and obvious. However, I could easily say, “that dad is contradicting himself, he clearly told the kid not to drive and then turned around handed him the keys and told him to drive.” I am omitting that he said not to drive alone, he didn’t say don’t drive at all. Maybe you are not hostile, but that is exactly what you are doing to the Bible. I would think someone who was an associate pastor would have spent more time studying and would see that there is a difference between “don’t drive the car alone” and “don’t ever drive the car.” Just like there is a difference between “don’t make an image to worship or idolize” and “don’t make any images.”

  30. Rachelle

    Scott, I see your other comment now. That passage is not about making an abortion occur at all. Again something I would think you would know with your past experience. Also, science backs up the events in the Bible. Scientists have even proven that how all of the plagues could have occurred. The Bible passes more historical, archaeological, and scientific tests than anything. Fine if you choose not to believe it, but it appears you are the one being willfully ignorant, the evidence is there.

  31. Scott Huard

    In the book of Exodus…it speaks of 600,000 fighting men of the Hebrews walking out of Egypt….WHY did the Egyptians NOT write about this at all?? Or about ANY of the plagues of the bible??? Where are all the graves??? Had the bible included counting women…You’d be at 1.2 MILLION Hebrews/Jews!!! According to that collection of literature… there was a generation that had to die off…which means if each couple had 2 kids…there would be 2.4 million people wandering around out in the desert….WHY ARE THERE NO OTHER ACCOUNTS OF THIS INCIDENT OF 40 YEARS written in any other culture???? When there was ‘A pillar of fire by night, and a pillar of smoke by day’…THE ONLY PLACE YOU FIND THESE STORIES….ARE IN THE BIBLE….


    Answer me that….

  32. Scott Huard

    it says: Thou shalt NOT make any images…of that which is in heaven, that which is on the earth or that which is under the earth….nor shalt thou bow down to them…..

    and one passage later….

    Make an image of a cherubim…with it’s wings outstretched over the mercy seat….

    THAT is a contradiction dear…..

    You’re being lied to…


    God is a recent creation of humans…to explain how we got here, how things happen, and a device to scare people into behaving a certain way….

    Why are we not Worshiping Thor? Zeus? Hades? Apollo? Hera? How about Shiva? Ganesha? Why not the Aboriginal Gods??


    Religion is GEOGRAPHIC in it’s occurrence….you just choose a religion that has had a VERY good marketing strategy…

    that is all….

  33. Rachelle

    That simply is not true. There is other evidence. For one thing scientists have proven that the plagues occurred. I am also sure you have heard of the Ipuwer Papyrus, which corroborates the Biblical accounts. Scientists and archaeologists have debated about the Egyptian timeline quite a bit and at least one option matches the Bible, regardless of their presuppositions. Scientists have also found volcanoes that could clearly have corresponded with the Exodus. A volcano would certainly produce a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire at night. Does the fact that science matches the Bible disprove it? Not at all. Natural explanations are not against God, because He works within the laws He Himself set in place.

  34. Scott Huard

    As much as you DESPERATELY want this story to be the truth….it is all fairy tales…

    The Nile runs red from the amount of red dirt in it….

    We have no idea who wrote this…it is allegorical in nature…NOT a correlation of the book of Exodus

    Here is a neat passage for you

    Isiah 48:7 God says he ‘makes evil’..
    Still wanna worship a being that MAKES EVIL???


  35. Scott Huard

    Error!! Isaiah 45:7
    typo on my part.

  36. Rachelle

    I am sorry, but Scott you are being lied to and used, by Satan. And honestly, I only say that to you because you were a pastor. You must have struggled intellectually, which I totally get. I understand how it can be difficult for the intellectual mind to accept that God is real, because He is more than we can wrap our minds around. But He is testable and worthy. And people far more intelligent than myself have come to faith in Him, so I am happy to accept that I don’t always have a perfect answer for everything. Following the Christian tenets of living hurts no one, does it mean I want you to have that same hope and happiness, sure it does. But it also means that if you don’t have ears to hear, then I can move on. As far as abortion goes, while I do believe as a Christian I have an obligation to fight against it, I also believe that even regardless of my Christianity. There are tons of secular prolifers, and since I know that not everyone is Christian, I fight abortion based on humanitarian secular reasons. As a Christian, I do believe Jesus was against it. As a person, I am against it, regardless of my Christianity. So let’s bring this back on topic.

  37. Rachelle

    Scott that verse speaks to natural calamities. So, basically, it goes quite well with what I just said about scientists finding a volcano that corresponds with Exodus. And the scientists did not say the red of the Nile during the plagues was the normal dirt red, they said it is a specific type of algal bloom that turned the river bloody red. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/science-news/7530678/Biblical-plagues-really-happened-say-scientists.html

    You and scientists who start with the presupposition of no God, see this evidence as proof that the events occurred naturally. I and the scientists who start with the presupposition of God, believe that this just proves the truth of the Bible. But that verse in Isaiah says that either way, these events and all calamities are created by God.

  38. Scott Huard

    So you have a volcano that magically moves around on the landscape….and the BIGGEST problem with your argument is WHERE. YOU. START.


    There MUST be a god….so I’m going to use EVERYTHING I FIND…to prove my thought pattern….

    Not asking…WHAT IS THIS??

    You start by using everything that happens…as a PROOF for your belief….


  39. Jon Fassnacht

    I really don’t know where to start with all of your partially accurate ststments. Lewis Black does a standup routine about how the Jewish Holy Books are not translated but are misinterpreted into what that person demands you should believe. When all you have to do is ask any Jewish person on the street and he or she will translate it correctly for a fee. I can also tell you why some things seemed not to be recorded by the Egyptians of that time. As far as praying to different Gods. The First Commandment does not say you cannot pray to other Gods. But that you cannot have any strange Gods before him. With an emphasis on “before me”. It also would do no good to pray to any of the Norse Gods because they were all destroyed during Ragnarod or however you spell it. What it was was an actual period in time when the Earth was pelted with a meteor shower for a prolonged time. Again not a myth. I could go on and on with how the bible was altered according which Pope was in power at the time. But I won’t. All I will tell you is God does exist.Christ did exist in the flesh and still does in spirit. The Holy Spirit does exist and is one entity you do not want to blaspheme against. And they are three seperate entities. Not one as you were taught.
    Now on to conception. In Christ’s time the child was not named for between a week and a month. Because the child usually did not survive. If it did that is when it was named and that is when according to them conception began because now the child was viable. If you don’t believe me,look for it. It is recorded outside the bible. So look for it.

  40. Scott Huard


  41. Jon Fassnacht

    Scott Guard if you had bothered to read what I had written, you would have realised that I am not a bible thumping evangelical christian. Far from it I am a follower of Christ,a scientist,a researcher and a realist. Above all I am not a christian and I disdain being thought of as one. Radical Christians just like the radical Muslims in the World now will destroy any archeological discoveries that do not fit their vew of their perverted reality. By the way my favorite dinosaur is the Brontosaurus. Which is not a young Brachiosaurus as was thought up to about a year and a half ago.Another thing dinosaurs were long extinct before the meatier hit.I have an amusing theory. Just like cows the very big dinosaurs were herbivorous. All herbivorous produce copious amounts of gas. What if dinosaurs farted them self’s into extinction. Just a thought! Your thoughts on the matter. Here is another thought. This earth has been born and killed several times over and if it were reduced to a molten ball of gue each time there would be no geological evidence unless you could get a sample of the earth’s core. According to scientists it is a solid core of iron and nickel. I will tell you this this earth is a lot older than people think. Chew on that for a while and then give me a better comment than dinosaurs.

  42. Rachelle

    You are starting with a presupposition too, that God is a fairy tale. We all have preconceived notions, anyone who says they don’t is lying!!!!!!!

  43. Jon Fassnacht

    Scott I am dismayed am your inability to look beyond the bible for your answers. There are three main religions that have the same history and God. All three believe in Jesus. Two of them believe he was just a prophet. Two of them believe he will save the world from the Antichrist. One is not the Jewish faith. The two that do are the Muslim and the Christian faith. There are other faiths that believe in God, Christ and the Holly Spirit. But they are called by another name. Just because a religion does not call their deaty by the same name as yours does not mean they are not the same.

  44. Pingback: I can’t stop watching Ted Cruz’s “Defend the Right to Life” video | melissa's musings on the world

  45. Nikole

    Abortion is not a sin. Please go forth in your own life and mind your own business. Clear the skeletons out of your own closet and seek ways to right your own wrongs.

  46. Jon Charles Fassnacht

    I am sorry I have not replied until now. No, abortion is not a sin. In Jesus’s time it was a matter of life or death whether you got an abortion or not,and if republicans have their way women will be in the same boat.

  47. Elizabeth Savage

    There would be absolutely no point in the commandment “Thou shalt not kill” if killing an unborn child is okay! You can talk yourself into ever-more twisted gyrations of God-excusing logic but killing is killing!

  48. Why is everyone so ignorant of the commandments and the time in which they were given to Moses. At that time life was not considered to exist until the child was at least a week to a month old. Most children died within that span of time.Therefore children were not considered as living until they passed that critical time. They weren’t even given names until after that time. If you do not know historical facts of the hardships of the ancient times in which the commandments were given, ZIP IT!

  49. I forgot to ask, where in the bible does it say that abortion is a sin and where does it say it is murder. Also where does it say Jesus was against it and preached against it. Well it doesn’t. The reason it doesn’t is because women have been ostracised long before the ten commandments were ever given to man for being sexual beings and for having the same sexual desires as men. The only problem is women get pregnant when they have sex during ovulation. As far as the prostitutes were it was mostly the parents or their husbands that forced them into it. So now we come to the stoning of the prostitutes. Isn’t that murder ergo killing? You need to live in countries that still have a backwards sense of justice. You also need to see the stoning of a woman up close and personal. Watch her die and then give me your bull shit thou shalt not kill spiel.

  50. Lyanna

    “i give you these 15… crash… 10 Commandments!”

    maybe the abortion commandment was on there.

  51. Lyanna

    and Jon Fassnacht – thank you, and yes, yes, and more yes!

  52. All you have to do is to look at the Ten Commandments to know what God and Jesus have stated about abortion. It is very clear “Thou shalt not kill” or if you prefer “Thou shalt not murder”. Jesus stated that He did not come to abolish the Law of Moses. He stood by the Ten Commandments. So, there isn’t any question about how Jesus or God felt or thought about abortion.

  53. The Ten commandments have nothing to do with abortion. How many times do I have to tell you this? The man who brought up abortion in the first place and made it a mainstream topic said it was the biggest embarrassment that was ever attached to his name. Because Congressmen perverted to what to is now just to get elected. He was originally talking about back room abortions not legal abortions. He wanted to make abortion legal. In hospitals or clinics. If you anti-abortion activists numb nuts would pull your heads out of your nether regions long enough to smell the coffee,you would realize that what you are fighting for was just a timid to get some shady Congressmen elected. Now back to thou shalt not kill. What about war and what about the death penalty? I will bet you are for both!! Anti-abortion is a rich man’s cause. It is not a poor woman’s cause,or a woman who has been raped or is pregnant from incest. You are trying to place your pious morales on people around the time of Christ,Christ and God. My dear you have committed a Mortal sin. You have placed your hangups on the Almighty and His Son. Besides that who did Jesus hang with and minister too? The poor,the down trodden,the tax collectors,prostituts,sinners and fortunately for you dimwitted people like you. Also abortion was one way a woman could go on living and not be stoned to death. Member “he who is without sin,let he(or her) cast the first stone.

  54. The word timid was supposed to be scheme.

  55. Member is supposed to be remember and there is supposed to be parentheses after stone. My spell checker does not know the English language,I think.

  56. If someone wants an abortion, that is their business. If we are forced to pay taxes and we do not believe in abortion and abortion providers are given government funds that may be used for abortions, then we should not have to pay taxes or the provider should not not get funds from the government. If I do not believe in abortion, I should not have my tax dollars go to insurance that covers abortion. Religious freedom should be considered and abortion and gay marriage should not be forced down my throat. It is one thing to sell someone a cupcake or a bear claw and something totally different from being a participant to someones wedding. I used to believe in abortion, but then I had one because I was told that I could not live through the pregnancy and if I did live through it my health would be greatly compromised.
    Not one day goes by without me wondering if I had just tried to have that baby, would I have done better in my life. The abortion was more life changing than the births of my three children. I have regretted it evey day since I did it. I think we have choice, but I wish we would use it to prevent pregnancy and not as a birth control method. How do we know that the baby that is aborted isn’t the person who will find a cure for cancer or aids or Alzheimer’s? They could be the one who brings about world peace. Life is precious and would not be forsaken.

  57. Michael R. McFarlin

    In the US, abortion is legal prior to the third trimester, or as soon as a fetus can survive outside of its mother’s womb, whichever comes first. I believe God bestowed man with intellect. The smartest of us know when it is possible for a fetus to survive outside of its mother’s womb. When you take science out of the world God created prior to the big bang, and our current world, you leave yourself ignorant of understandings of some of the most tangible, discernible, miracles to which a human can bear witness…in real time. I have faith in God’s intention in bestowing in man the ability to understand science. Science and medicine enable many more pregnancies than abortion limits. Trust your God and stop fussing.

  58. Jon Charles Fassnacht

    Jesus used science in a lot of his miracles,if not all.Most of the miracles can be recreated. Some can’t yet! Humans are so ignorant and gulable when they see something they can’t comprehend and they tend to pass on that ignorance through the centuries. Jesus taught all of his apostles how to do most of his miracles and when some of them lost faith and could no longer preform miracles they called the ones that still could in league with the Devil or witches. You can guess what happened to them. I am not saying there is no God or that Jesus was not the son of God.I am saying it is the right of every woman to decide according to the cercomestance by which she got pregnant whether or not she should have an abortion or take the pregnancy to full term. Keep the baby or give it up for adoption. It is not up to the government or the clergy to force a woman to conform to a masoganistic man’s point of view. Please excuse my spelling.

  59. Jon Charles Fassnacht

    Michael R. McFarlin don’t give humans credit they do not deserve. Take last year’s presidential election.

  60. Fabrizio

    Very good and sensible article. But, if i may, i like to give you my opinion on the point. Jesus taught us through principles, not laws. Laws were from mosaic times, they were white and black rules but created an overflow of rules. Jesus elevated the concept of right and wrong from the law to the principle. Laws are for immature persons, like antiquity jewish, principles are for spiritually mature people, Christians. So, to understand the point on abortion you need to apply principles. Which ones? Sanctity of life, of course. Of all lives involved in the act.

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